Why did you start selling diffuser jewelry? As a blogger I'm constantly working and constantly stressed to be putting out more and more content. My friends started getting these essential oil diffuser necklaces and raving about how amazing it was to have aromatherapy at work and with them throughout their day. As I already use essential oils and diffusers in my house, so I thought the jewerly sounded like a brilliant idea. When I started looking into buying one, I really struggled to find anything that would work with my sensitive skin (sterling silver or filled golds).  When I did find something, the magnet broke in less than 3 months.  So I decided to start my own line and focus on making high quality products that address both of these issues. 


What makes your jewelry worth it? Our products are handmade in the United States out the highest quality lava and metals available. We want each jewelry piece to be beautiful aesthetically as well as the highest quality which is why we have a limited line of only three designs currently available. 


Why Lava? While felt is a more popular option with diffusing jewelry, after a bit of research I decided to go with lava rocks. The reason why is that lava actually holds the essential oils with their active properties longer. While felt typically lasts a few hours to a day, lava can last several days. The stones are minimalist, natural, and immune from corrosion or destruction which means as a product they'll last longer too. 

Will The Oils Stain My Clothes? High quality essential oils won't stain your clothes as they're actually not oils in the traditional sense.  With that being said, we don't sell oils, so make sure you're buying high grade oils to get the best benefits of aromatherapy and to avoid staining.